Establishing a Framework for Your Project

Gordon is on YOUR team. Our pre-construction services are an integral first step offered to either Construction Management (CM) or Design/Build projects.

We begin by focusing on the aspects of the project that are most important to you. The team has the greatest control over scope and budget in the early stages of project conception. By confirming the project direction and answering key questions, we establish the framework for future decisions. Informed and timely decision making can help to avoid costly redesign. Issues that need attention may be special project challenges (such as permitting) or cost drivers that threaten project feasibility.

Depending on the project needs, Gordon uses the early phase of pre-construction to focus on:

  • Comparing owner budget forecasts with preliminary project estimates
  • Identifying the top five cost drivers in a project and leading a review of potential alternate options with subcontractor input
  • Developing cash flow projections for owner financing
  • Segregating project cost areas (such as site costs) for a fast-track construction start
  • Coordinating site utility infrastructure changes with local utility companies
  • Evaluating mechanical and electrical systems with the architect/engineer and soliciting cost information from subcontractors