We are called as humans to serve one another. To lead by serving is the ultimate commandment.   The team at Gordon Contracting is committed to using its collective skills, talents, and experiences for the betterment of our clients, community, colleagues, and neighbors.

We Serve by Hiring Local.
By supporting local, we help to prop up the regional economy. Local tradesmen, suppliers, and craftsmen in our communities rely on our bond.

We Serve by Faith.
We “do the right thing” daily and have faith that when we put our best work forward, only success will follow. We never cut corners and we always provide our clients with our best work, regardless of cost to the company.

We Serve by Giving.
We coach, teach, and mentor through community churches, organizations, and nonprofits. We give our time to our neighbors and lend a hand whenever a hand is needed. We commit a minimum of 10% of company profits to local charities each year.

Our faith and our work have proven to provide us with long-lasting relationships that stand the test of time long after the projects are complete.

The team at Gordon Contracting is committed to service and we are ready to serve you.