Proficiency and Efficiency Through Technology

Estimating Software

Gordon uses PROcore estimating software to develop estimates, track project alternates and changes, and analyze project costs. It follows a universally accepted C.S.I. (Construction Specifications Institute) format that is common to both the architecture and construction industries.

Our pre-construction team maintains an extensive cost system with a hand-crafted database of over 4,000 items and continuously interacts with our Project Teams, Subcontractors, and Vendors to ensure that our data matches current marketplace conditions. To obtain highly accurate measurements of building components, we use On Screen Take Off software to create electronic digitized information imported from project drawings, plans, and sketches. Using these types of information, Gordon can accurately estimate projects before design documents are available for Subcontractor evaluation and pricing. When the documents are sufficiently developed to permit Subcontractor input, our estimates are used to identify anomalies in Subcontractor pricing.

Project Management/Accounting

Gordon uses Procore project management software for project administration and financial reporting. Procore is used for meeting minutes, RFI’s submittals, and punch lists as well as change orders and contracts. Because Procore is cloud based, Gordon can share vital information and allow Owners, Architects and Subcontractors to collaborate in real time. This assures that all project team members are in sync and information is available at all times.

Procore is linked to our Quickbooks accounting system, transferring all project costs to Procore’s Job Cost Reporting System. This means that all project costs are accurate and in real time. The Owner always knows what the cost of the project is to make important financial decisions.